Electronic Notarization

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An electronic notarization is a notarial act performed by a notary public using his or her electronic seal and electronic signature on digital documents. The signer and the notary are in the same room and both execute the documents digitally on an electronic device.

How it works

An Electronic Notary is a notary public that will notarize a document for you electronically while all participants are present in the same room. An electronic notary is also sometimes referred to as an E-Notary. Instead of adding a regular ink signature on paper to your document, the notary adds an electronic tamper evident seal. This basically means that any unauthorized attempts to alter the document will become evident. While this creates a more secure document if the recipient is requesting the document electronically instead of in paper form, you’ll still face many of the same issues with that of a mobile notary and a traditional notary.

Instructions for Signers

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